Relish life with the spouse you love each and every day of your precarious life. Each day is God's gift. It's all you get in exchange for the work of staying alive. Ecclesiastes 9:9

About Us

This is a chronicle of our travels, especially our sabbatical from summer 2011 through summer 2012. It was a remarkable year of sunrises, sunsets, festivals, feasts, majesty and marvel. The wonders of our world are inexhaustible, and we were blessed to have a chance to explore for a season.

Now, we have settled back in Houston, Texas and have plunged into the long journey of adoption. To read more about why we took a year off, please read our first posts below. Feel free to leave a comment, send us an email, or find some way to say hello!

Our Reason to Travel + Inspiration

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Recent Blog Posts

March 21, 2013 |

Tanzania: Birds

We had no idea that the Serengeti was such a birding destination. Just like the diversity of adaptations among...

March 20, 2013 |

Tanzania: Bonus Animals

How’s a potpourri of pictures of animals that didn’t fit neatly into the prior categories, including a...

March 19, 2013 |

Tanzania: Antelopes

Who knew there was such a variety of antelope? We remember getting excited just seeing deer roaming residential...

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